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Redeemer prays for and supports an indigenous organization in Asia that advocates for abandoned children who have special needs.

The work began in the early ‘90s in response to the huge population of abandoned children in this country. Through the years, the one thing that stands out most about the work is the heroes: local believers. These folks are simple, everyday people who have devoted their lives to being God’s hands, feet, and voice as advocates for the “least of these.” They bring to these children and to a watching world an example of what Christ did for us. Before we know Christ we are orphaned, in need of an advocate – someone to pick us up out of our sin, cleanse us and make us His own. Christ becomes our Advocate. He takes up for us and meets our needs. Unless He takes the initiative to reach out and save us, we have no hope.

The local team of believers provide special education, physical therapy, medical care & foster care to orphans with special needs. Often, children that are born prematurely or have any kind of disability, are abandoned because of the economic burden families face if they provide ongoing medical care. Due to the high number of children that are abandoned, these extremely needy infants often face a big challenge to survive. This group has established a 24/7 Special Care Room that cares for these tiny ones. The loving and hard working teammates nurse these infants to health, so that they can be fostered, and eventually adopted locally or internationally one day. The miraculous stories are inspiring and are a testimony of God’s faithfulness to “the least of these”.

Empowering local citizens to take responsibility for their communities’ needs is one of the group’s core convictions.