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Meet Our Elders and Deacons

Tom Arnold, Elder

Married to Nancy since 1959

Father of: Connie, Wade, Tait, and Zoe
Profession: Retired Business Owner
Lived in Little Rock since 1974

Tom became a Christian in 1982. Tom says: “Nancy and I are excited about the spirit in the church and the potential and opportunities for service. We are interested in caring for others and being a part of their spiritual growth. We have a strong desire to see our church reach the world for Christ and bring glory to God.”

Tim Friesen, Elder

Married to Debbie since 1981

Father of: Sarah (married to Matt), Michael (married to Erin), David, Elizabeth (married to Zach), and Ben
Profession: Sales Manager at Fidelity National Information Services
Lived in Little Rock since 1984


While I’m confident that God saved me, I am not sure if it was as a five year old or following our first year of marriage. Tim says: “Sunday is the highlight of my week. I pray that God will continue to grant wisdom, perseverance, and joy as we seek to lead according to His Word. May we follow Christ’s clear example of humility and service as shown in Philippians 2. I pray that our love for Him will increase as we study His Word and as we live out His love for others.”

Matt Gurney, Elder, Associate Pastor

Married to Jen since 2001

Children: Noah (12), Tucker (10), Taylor (7), Nora (6)

Profession: Associate Pastor at Redeemer Community Church

Moved to Little Rock in 2016


Matt was born and raised in South Florida and Graduated from seminary in 2016. After 15 years of ministering to students and developing small groups as a side emphasis, God laid on my heart to pursue full time work with people of all ages in more of a church planting environment. My hope for Redeemer is that we grow together in the grace and knowledge of Jesus so that God will be glorified as many rebels are brought home to Him. I believe that the local church is a part of Jesus’ family on mission together by God’s grace and for His glory.

Rick Houk, Elder

Married to Karen since 1975

Father of: Jonathan (married to Spring), David (married to Tabitha), Bethany, Christopher (married to Mandi), Katie, and Melody (married to Elijah).
Profession: Rheumatology Physician
Lived in Little Rock since 1988


Rick became a Christian in 1968 while in High School. Rick says: “I am delighted to serve at RCC, a dear group of folks with a passion to worship, grow, and serve the Lord of the Gospel. We all have gifts to build up the body and to channel God’s grace to others—to the praise of Christ’s glorious grace! (Eph.1:6) May our faith be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ. (I Pet.1:7)

Bob Lepine, Elder

Married to Mary Ann since 1979

Father of: Amy (married to Jack), Katie (married to Elliott), James (married to EA), John (married to Katie), and David (Married to Maggie).
Profession: Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer for FamilyLife
Lived in Little Rock since 1992


Bob became a Christian in 1977 while in college at the University of Tulsa. Bob says “I’m excited about what God is doing at RCC and about what He has for our church in the future as we continue to stay focused as a church on loving and serving Jesus. My prayer for Redeemer is that God will preserve the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace as He works through us to advance the work of His Kingdom.”

Jim McMurry, Elder

Married to Terry since 1973

Father of: Megan
Profession: Manager, Advantage Publishing Company
Lived in Little Rock since: 1989


Jim became a Christian by the grace of God in January 1992. Jim says: “It’s my prayer that RCC will stand as a beacon to the truth of the gospel in an ever-darkening world. I am thankful that we are a Bible-believing church that desires to honor Christ from the heart, and that our lives reflect His grace and mercy manifesting itself in our sacrificial love for one another (1 Thess. 3: 12-13).”

Mike Morledge, Elder

Married to Terry since 1983

Father of: Heather (married to Jason Lapp), Claire (Married to Heath Thompson), Laura (Married to Kendall White), Molly (Married to Tate Barber), and David (Married to Christine).
Profession: Ministry Representative for Revive Our Hearts
Lived primarily in Little Rock since 1977


I’m not certain that I can pinpoint an exact time when I came to saving faith in Christ, but I praise Him that I have known Him for many years. Mike says: “I pray that RCC makes a difference in the cause of Christ in the world; that we teach, obey and apply His Word. This should result in our daily lives having the savor of Jesus Christ to those around us, whatever our sphere of influence may be. ‘For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.’ 2 Cor. 5:21.”

Chad Donley, Deacon

Married to Wendy since 1996

Father to: Four daughters, age 11 to 19
Profession: Director of Supply Chain, FamilyLife


Our family relocated to Little Rock from Ohio in 2005 to serve full-time as missionary staff with FamilyLife. Wendy and I have a shared desire to see the gospel applied in everyday life, especially as God provides us with opportunities to walk alongside hurting couples in a peacemaking capacity. We’ve been with Redeemer since 2011.

Jeff Fehlberg, Deacon

Married to Sue since 1986

Father to: Kelsey and Carly 

Profession: Account Manager


Our family came from a large congregation in California where it was easy to be just a face in the crowd. After moving to Little Rock in 2010 we found Redeemer, and immediately felt at home. We have grown deep relationships at Redeemer, and encourage everyone to live life together by attending one of the mid-week small group meetings. We feel God’s love through the relationships we have made at RCC.

Matt Hobbs, Deacon

Married to Sarah since 2007

Father to: Grant, Rylee, Owen, and Landon
Profession: Actuary, Arkansas BCBS
Lived in Bryant since 2006


I prayed to accept Christ as my Savior as a high school student. God used the next several years of my life to chip away at the “old” as He made me a new creature (2 Cor 5:17). I’m not certain at what point I was saved, but I am confident it was during this time of my life.


What I appreciate about Redeemer is its commitment to accurately teaching God’s Word and the emphasis placed on living for Christ daily, especially as we build relationships and serve others. My hope for Redeemer is that we would continue to exhibit these qualities as we minister to others in the name of Jesus Christ

Don Parish, Deacon

Married to Lane since 1969

Father to: Spring (married to Jonathan Houk)
Profession: Retired


I retired from a career in human resources management with Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (24 years) and Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc. (11 years). Lane’s call during our marriage has involved being a stay-at-home Mom for our daughter and serving the local church and community through volunteer leadership and ministry roles. We are committed to ministry through our home, our Redeemer family, and beyond through discipleship and evangelism in obedience to Christ’s commission to the church.

Randall Van Den Berghe, Deacon

Married to Cyndi since 1979

Father to: Kara (married to Shane Zercher), Jordan, and Emily (married to Andrew Jensen)
Profession: Human Resource Management

I was born in San Antonio, TX in the late 50’s. I came to know our Lord in the mid 80’s, when I finally realized that my plans for my life were not God’s plans. He used children, or the lack of them, to show me that “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).  Through His divine process He brought Kara and Jordan to us from South Korea to become our completed family...so we thought. More than eight years later, He answered Kara's prayers for a sister to bring us Emily - another reminder and blessing that He is Sovereign over every aspect of our lives.

Since 2008 our family has grown in our walk at Redeemer and we continue to grow in our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the sound preaching of the Word and fellowship with the saints here.

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